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Pre-Purchase Question

We women have a positive reputation for not being averse to stopping and asking for directions when driving (unlike men, of course). Well, that general inquisitiveness will help us when it comes to other things related to cars.

Most important of all, asking questions can help us make the right choice when hunting for a pre-owned car - and stave off the mocking laughter of men who think we're talking too much! The bottom line is, if you ask the right questions and get the answers you're looking for, you'll be the one having the last laugh!

We at TopMark have compiled a list of things you should consider bringing up before making a decision on purchasing a pre-owned car. They are as follows:

  1. How many miles are on the car?
  2. Does the car have a manual or automatic transmission?
  3. What modifications have been made to the car?
  4. How often has the car been sent for service?
  5. Is there a working security alarm system on the car?
  6. Why is the owner selling the car?
  7. Is the current owner the first owner?
  8. Has the odometer ever been rolled back?
  9. Has the car ever been in an accident, and if so, what were the damages?
  10. Has the car ever been repainted?

Of course, you're bound to come up with other questions. As and when they come to you, just let 'em rip!

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