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Keeping an Eye on your Car

A lot of women are great at spotting the 'danger signs' when it comes to their relationships, but are totally myopic when it comes to their cars. But let us assure you - a car about to go over the deep end sends out signals like you wouldn't believe. It practically cries out for help!

If your car is not performing at its optimum level, it will give you certain indications - even if you yourself notice nothing outwardly wrong. So don't take it lying down - you MUST stop and check when you notice that:

  • a warning light remains on
  • unusual vibrations are felt
  • the temperature gauge reads 'hot'
  • unusual noises are heard
  • the oil pressure gauge reads 'low'
  • the car tends to wander or steer to one side
  • the break doesn't work too well

Drop everything, pick up your handphone and call the mechanic, or immediately send your car to the workshop if you notice that:

  • the car uses more fuel or oil than usual
  • it is difficult to start
  • it leaves oil or coolant on the ground
  • it blows smoke (this can be very dangerous)

So remember: if you keep your eyes on your car the way you do your guy, it won't take you for a ride either.

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