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Car Survival Kits Must-Have

So you’re driving down the road when something happens to your car. It might smell funny, it might sound strange, it might break down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad day. Why? When you’re prepared, any situation thrown your way is just an opportunity for you to exude panache. You can’t always rely on a man, but you can count on your urban jungle survival skills.

City Chic How-to’s
From essential tools to spare parts - there’s no need to get manic and pack an extra steering wheel - in an emergency, it’s best to have some of these babies in your car:-

  • Warning reflective triangle
    Tells other drivers you’re in trouble from a distance so they don't ram into you!

  • Jack
    Does all the muscle work for lifting.

  • Wheel brace
    Gets those nuts and bolts screwed in tight.

  • Spare tyre & Air pump
    An inflator works fine too, think on the bright side, you get to tone those calves!

  • Jump leads
    Revive Bessie’s batteries by juicing her up

  • Windscreen replacement
    Nasty stone cracks are dangerous, use a temporary fix until you reach a garage.

  • Petrol can
    For when you run out of fuel with no nearby gas station.

  • 4-Litre water bottle
    Even Bessie gets thirsty or heated, best to cool her off quickly.

  • Water dispersant
    This nifty spray does the trick for a damp ignition.

  • Fire extinguisher
    Worst-case scenario, use it to clobber an attacker! Keep one inside the car.

Create Your Own Roadside Survival Kit
While flares are illegal, there’s plenty of fun you can have prepping for an emergency… think G.I. Jane-Super–Spy! Nothing sexier than knowing your gadgets and what you’re about. Suit up:-

  • First Aid
    Remember, safety first. Include gauze, compressors, creams and migraine meds.

  • Blanket
    Use all-purpose material to keep warm at night. Save the rags for covering up roadkill.

  • Flashlight
    Extra batteries wouldn’t hurt in the middle of the night - no need to be dancing with shadows.

  • Gloves
    Forget greasing your pretty manicured nails. Here’s where extra rags are handy too.

  • Duct Tape
    Please, not for gagging unless it’s a thief. Cover sudden cracks and holes.

  • Pocket knife
    It’s a lifesaver when you need to cut, screw or just feel safer.

  • Pen & Paper
    For notes, makeshift signs or to leave distress calls.

  • Granola Bar & Mineral Water
    Wahey, a real lass eats when she’s hungry.

  • Change
    Spare cash and clothes for a quick cleanup and getaway would suffice.

  • Super Chic Case
    To bag all your funky gadgets of course!

Finally, keep your cellular phone charged, preferably one with global satellite coverage, GPRS, WAP, hit tunes etc. for that urban chic. One phone call could make a life-or-death difference. Occasionally you need to give in and simply call the towing service. For the best rates, get one with regional membership coverage – it comes with insurance!

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