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TopMark's 38 Point Check Style

37-22-35 (the measurements of Pamela Anderson) were, for a long while, the only numbers worth committing to memory. But when TopMark came along, the number '38' became something to drool over too.

TopMark's 38-point QC checklist separates the ideal car from its wannabe. Imposing stringent quality control standards (set by the best in the business) on pre-owned cars, TopMark ensures that you keep on cruising along. In short, TopMark lets you drive the Pamela Anderson of cars. Vroom! Vroom!

TopMark's 38-point Quality Control Checklist:

  • Engine
    1. Ignition timing
    2. Drive belts/Timing belt/Air-cond belt

  • Fuel System
    3. Fuel tank/Leakage
    4. Fuel hose and condition of pipes

  • Fluids
    5. Brake
    6. Clutch
    7. Engine
    8. Power steering
    9. Auto transmission
    10. Windscreen washer
    11. Coolant

  • Cooling System
    12. Condition of radiator & hoses
    13. Condition of radiator cap
    14. Leakage test
    15. Cooling fan function test

  • Battery
    16. Terminals (Cleanliness)

  • Electrical
    17. Room light
    18. Headlamp/Focus
    19. Signal light
    20. Brake light
    21. License lamp
    22. Parking lamp
    23. Horn
    24. Windscreen wiper
    25. Windscreen washer
    26. Demister

  • Bonnet, Doors & Hinges
    27. Central locking
    28. Power window/Window regulator
    29. Back door/Boot lid

  • Undercarriage Check
    30. Exhaust system - pipes & mounting, catalytic converter/Leakage
    31. Tighten undercarriage bolts & nuts
    32. Transmission/Axle oil level
    33. Shock absorber condition (oil leak)

  • Frame & Chassis Check
    34. Chassis number/Check authenticity
    35. Engine number
    36. Check chassis for cut-and-join vehicle

  • Tyres
    37. Tyre condition (uneven wear, cracks, nails)

  • Accessories
    38. Air-cond

Look Pam, no hands!

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