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Drive Away Odour-Free

It’s like how your mother always told you – “CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM.” Except this time it isn’t your room that you’ve got to clean, it’s your ride - The cruiser, the babe wagon. Cleaning the interior of your car is just as important as the exterior in caring for a car, especially when it comes to smelling good.

  • 1. Sanitation
    Before you start cleaning, remember to put on some gloves. It’s a mystery what lies beneath those seats. Then, clear out all unnecessary items and rubbish from your car.

  • 2. Get down to it
    It’s what you do best anyway, right? You can smell where that stench is generally coming from, but telling yourself, “It’s somewhere there” may not quite help. While your nose is basically the best way to pinpoint the spot but a UV light is a great tool for locating food or other fluid spills, such as sauce stains from wild days/nights out and other unidentifiable bodily secretions.

  • 3. Getting rid of it
    For stains, apply cleaning chemical to the spot according to respective directions. Allow the area to air dry. If the smell persists, you may want to re-apply the product, and repeat several times. If a smell still lingers after repeated cleanings, you may want to take your vehicle to professionals, because it’s either too stubborn or you’ve just been doing it wrongly. Actually, you’ve probably just been doing it wrongly.

If your vehicle reeks of tobacco smoke, the smell may prove to be a little more stubborn because the smell seeps into areas like the fabric of the car seats and carpet of the floor. While you may not be completely successful in removing the smell, there are ways to reduce it.

One way to do this is by using thermal fogging. This consists of pumping a chemical through a fogging device that produces a fog to reach areas in the vehicle that you can't. The fogging chemical contains an odour control compound that will counteract the tobacco smell. After that, be sure to air the insides for a few hours.

After the whole ‘spring cleaning’ ordeal, go treat yourself to something manly like a burrito and some beer to re-establish your masculinity.

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