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Car Body Care Tips

Whoever said the only place to get a good workout is at the gym couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, you can pump up and tone your body anywhere, given the right tools. That said, there's nothing sexier than a clean, polished ride.

For a full body workout session, it's as simple as getting a bucket and sponge to keep the car surface spotless. Pre-rinse the entire exterior of your car before scrubbing the dirt away. Finish off with a dry-wipe. Here's what car washes don't tell you, using "high pressure wax" preserves shine and protects paint.

Some nuggets:

  • Rustproofing your brakes
    The under part of your car's brake system is most vulnerable to rust due to weather conditions such as extreme heat and rain. Rustproofing protects electrical connectors and wires from the moisture. Recommended rustproof liquids include Dinitrol and Waxoyl, which are available at major hardware stores often sold as spray cans. Always ensure that it's a warm day, the car is completely dry and there is ventilation. Avoid spraying onto naked lights or sources of ignition, as it is flammable.

  • Repairing stone chips
    Tiny stone chips can occur around the edges of your car's body. To repair, you need to order the matching spray paint from your car dealer. Spray some paint into the cap and using a toothpick, dab some paint gently onto the corners that are chipped. This simple touch up will prevent your car from further corrosion.

  • Removing minor scratches
    Got marked? Sometimes branches or small objects can become road hazards, particularly leaving unwanted scratches on windows or the body. The good news is, you can remove these marks with polishing compound! Pick it up at any hardware store, be sure to check that it is the finest abrasive. Dab some with a sponge and buff scratched areas in circular motion until they disappear. Wash it off completely then apply liquid wax with a soft towel and buff until it's clear!

Remember, revving up and blasting the stereo doesn't get all the attention or even give the right impression. Sometimes the smallest things score big.

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