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Car Audio & Entertainment Systems

Close your eyes. Slip behind the wheel, rev the engine and with shades against the sun take her over an expansive coast capturing the breeze so that every fibre of the moment spells freedom. Think your ride’s perfect? Except it could be better.

Whatever your style, whether you’re cruising along the usual city circuit or heading out of town, you’ll want to hear the best of on-the-road music. Chances are your ride was outfitted with a regular Blaupunkt when you purchased it. Trusty as it may be, once you get a load of these premium babies, stretching your wallet will be an investment worth your while.

2004’s Toppers
Here’s a look at custom combination features for top range cars that made the list and why:-

  • Bose
    215w power, 10 built-in speakers + 1 back & centre-fill subwoofer.

  • Mach
    GT premium 460w, built-in-dash 6CD changer, 8 speakers, 3 amps.

  • Harman Kardon
    Digital Sound Processing (DSP) with crystal clear tuning signals and 4 preset equalizer modes (live, rock, studio, instrumental).

  • Infinity
    270w amps, 8 speakers, in-dash 6CD changer, eye level unit display, large manoeuvrable knobs.

  • Pioneer
    6 disc changer, Bazooka subwoofer, equalization modes i.e. neutral, hear (vocals) and feel (bass).

  • Delphi
    GT premium 460w, built-in-dash 6CD changer, 8 speakers, 3 amps.

2005’s Top Five
Gone are the days where you fumble for the turn dial just to get the right frequency or station. Perhaps you prefer old school? Technology gets sweeter, less complicated and still comfortably familiar:-

  • Delphi rises to the fore
XM Roady 2
    • i-Pod style & size, only lighter
    • Easy mount (console or dash) installation – plug in antenna cable + cigarette lighter power cable
    • FM modulator & line-out
    • 100 channels

Phatnoise CAS (Car Audio System)

    • Up to 60GB HD
    • Plays MP3, WMA & equivalent of 300-500 CDs
    • PC transferable via MMS & USB ports
    • Works with Sony or Kenwood radios, adapters for others included
    • Head unit control (radio receiver headphones)

MyFi XM2Go

    • Portable palm satellite radio
    • Headphones: integrated antenna & battery
    • Capture button for favourite songs up to 5hrs


    • 20GB HD
    • 2.0 PC cradle for fast transfers
    • Compatible with Kenwood Keg Systems
  • Sirius


    • Portable satellite radio for car, home, boom box
    • Auto alert and jump to programme (specifically for NFL)
    • Compact remote control
  • Panasonic

CQ DF 583U

    • MP3, WMA, radio & CD player
    • Credit Card size remote control
    • Satellite receiver
    • Large LCD display
  • Sony


    • Satellite radio receiver
    • 100 stations nationally at one go
    • Docking unit for portable use at home or in car
    • 3x4x6” sturdy hardware with LCD display
  • Blaupunkt

    San Jose MP41

    • Plays CDs, AM/FM, MP3, WMP8
    • 4-channel amp
    • Credit Card size remote

Of course if you’re a naturally gifted inventor of sorts, there’s always the challenge of designing your own system. In this age, customisation’s all the rage. Go for it!

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