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It's All About The Equipments

After finally jazzing up your wheels the way you've always dreamt of since your first pay check, what comes next? If you answered, 'picking up the babes along Telawi street', you're right. Then what next?

Owning a car entails more responsibilities than most can imagine for it also means being prepared for unexpected situations and emergencies. When something happens, do you have the right tools to handle the situation?

  1. Jack, rag, & spare tyre in good condition
    - Always keep a jack and spare tyre in the trunk. With the condition of some of our roads out there, you can never be sure about flats. Be sure to also check it for air religiously.
  2. Flash Light and spare batteries.
    - An extra light will come in handy to get to places where the sun doesn't shine - like under the seat or under the bonnet.
  3. Reflective Triangles
    - Comes in handy during a breakdown to alert other motorists on the road. Think of it as your car's bling bling.
  4. First Aid Kit.
    - Very important item to keep in the car as accidents; minor or major, may occur at any time, anywhere. This may be especially useful if you regularly travel out station as simple injuries do occur in the car.
  5. Jumper cables.
    - If a car won't start because the battery is low or dead, a jump-start will get you back on the road in a matter of minutes.
  6. Car Tool kit.
    - Ensure you have the necessary tools with you in times of need. Most hardware shops now sell complete car tool kits, so you can pick, purchase and place in the boot of your car until the need arises.
  7. Owner's Manual.
    - It's always a good idea to keep the manual of anything close by. It may come in handy when you need to check simple details such as your car's tyre pressure.

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