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Database last updated on Jul 21, 2017 6:50 PM
No.   Reg. No. Model Year Warranty Price Financing*  
1  WXL8457 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0G (A) ACV51 2012 RM 97,800  
2  VAC1536 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.5V (A) ASV50 2012 RM 104,800  
3  DCT4707 TOYOTA HILUX D/CAB 2.5 (M) KUN25 VNT 2015 RM 80,800  
4  VAE9695 TOYOTA HILUX D/CAB 3.0G (A) KUN26 VNT 2013 RM 72,800  
5  TBK2927 TOYOTA INNOVA 2.0G (A) F/LIFT 2013 RM 68,800  
6  WVJ2382 TOYOTA PRIUS 1.8 (A) STD 2011 RM 68,800  
7  WSW5068 TOYOTA VIOS 1.5E (A) NCP93 2009 RM 36,800  
8  DCL9588 TOYOTA VIOS 1.5G (A) NCP150 2014 RM 65,800  
9  CBX44 TOYOTA VIOS 1.5G (A) NCP42 F/LIFT 2006 RM 28,800  
10  BKP8978 TOYOTA VIOS 1.5G (A) NCP93 2009 RM 37,800
11  DCB2779 PERODUA ALZA 1.5 (A) ABS 2012 RM 37,800  
12  WB6911S PROTON IRIZ 1.3L (A) CVT STANDARD 2015 RM 34,500  
* Eligibility for flexible pre-approved loan by UMW Toyota Capital Services
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